In this the year 2 A.C. (which means “After COVID”—I just made that up; hit me on Twitter if you think it has staying power), global warming has seemingly kept winter at bay for large swaths of the country; however, although it might not look like it as you gaze out the window and can still see the green of your lawn, yes, the holidays—that annual pilgrimage to the altar of Big Retail—is upon us once again.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the realization that we are only days away from Christmas or that we may have missed Hanukkah altogether comes with a hefty dose of weltschmerz. What to get that special someone with highly refined tastes and a nose for the novel and worldly? But no need to worry—Worth has curated a list of refined, elegant, audacious or otherwise interesting gift ideas for just about every consumer-type out there. This year, some of the biggest trends are in sustainable products, renewable and clean forms of mobility and all forms of gadgetry that make our newly adopted mid-pandemic modus vivendi more manageable.

Worth has reviewed hundreds of items from just about as many purveyors and narrowed down our list to a (relatively) compact suite of 67 suggestions that range from travel accessories and the latest in eco-friendly apparel to a few items that mark the absolute apex of hedonism. These items do not represent any type of ranking per se. An electric scooter, a Steinway grand piano and a high-end whiskey can all be enjoyed by the same person—just preferably not at the same time.

With that in mind, let’s get to Worth’s list of 67 last-minute exquisite gift ideas for the holidays, year 2 A.C.

12. The SUNFLOW Beach Chair BundleRetail Price: $296

The SUNFLOW Beach Bundle is a stellar gift option for the beach lovers on your shopping list. The lounge chair—compact, comfortable, easy-to-carry (with backpack straps)—is the perfect seat on the beach with its four reclining positions. It is engineered for wear and tear with rust-resistant aluminum and is available in a variety of color and pattern options. The bundle includes sunshade, a drink holder accessory (a must), a dry bag and beach towel.

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