We asked avid beachgoers around the country about their go-to beach accessories to help you maximize your sun and sand lounging this summer.

You know that feeling you get when the sweat from your neckline slowly drips down your back? To us, that signals the true start of summer and simultaneously means that a beach day is in order. Whether you’re team East Coast or West Coast, or even team Gulf Coast, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all your gear ready to go so you’re ensured the best beach day ever. Because you know what’s worse than that dripping sweat? An epic sunburn, lack of cold beverages, and an uncomfortable seating situation. Not to worry, though: we’ve got it all taken care of with this carefully sourced and curated essential gear list from folks who live and breathe beach life. Time to hit the surf!

Sunflow Beach Chair

Price: $198
Finding the perfect beach chair is an art. It’s either easy to carry but majorly uncomfortable, or super cushy but impossible to get from your car to the sand without dropping everything else in your arms. And don’t get us started on the ones that are impossible to get out of when it’s time to stand up. Enter the Sunflow Chair, which is compact yet comfortable (not too low and with padding in all the right places) and lightweight and easy-to-carry, thanks to shoulder straps. It unfolds quickly and easily, has four reclining positions, is made with rust-resistant aluminum, and comes in ten different colors and patterns. Add on a cup holder, sunshade, and dry bag, or get them all with the Beach Bundle.

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