The Pioneer Woman

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, it's time to get your beach kit ready. A good beach umbrella is a must-have, and of course, you want it to be cute as well as functional! So, what's the first thing to consider? Start with size. Most of the options on our list have a diameter of at least six feet, which will provide enough shade for one or two people. There are also larger options with eight-foot canopies, as well as full-on beach tents that are perfect for parties and larger groups. Want to lounge solo and enjoy a peaceful hour or two by the ocean? We've got you covered there, too, with a great two-in-one beach chair with a built-in sun shade so you only have to carry one beach bag...SUNFLOW BEACH BUNDLE $296
If you don't want to lug around a beach chair and an umbrella, this clever bundle from Sunflow offers the ideal solution. The lightweight, adjustable chair comes with a personal UPF 50-protective shade as well as an integrated cup holder, carrying bag, and beach towel.

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