"After more than a year essentially inside and vacation-less, I know my parents are looking forward to a beach trip in their near future. My mom is a true beach bum but isn't the best at remembering to reapply sunscreen. That's why I'm gifting her this Sunflow Beach Chair with a sun shade attachment. The detachable visor offers at least some shade from harmful rays — don't worry, I'll remind her that this doesn't replace 30+ SPF! — and a reprieve from the strong Florida or Turks and Caicos sun (two of her favorite spots). Plus, the chair itself really feels high-end compared to the flimsy folding options sitting in her garage. It's sturdy but easy to carry, thanks to the straps that act as a backpack. The brand also offers other accessories, so you can customize your Sunflow beach chair with a drink holder or a side bag to keep items dry and sand-free." —Alyssa Sparacino, digital deputy editor

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