SUNFLOW Beach Bundles in Oyster GreyST. PETE BEACH, FL – January 28, 2022 – I grew up going down the shore all summer long. My family had a house two blocks from the beach. Twenty of us would pack up all of the essentials: shovels, buckets, games, towels, food, drinks and last but certainly not least, beach chairs. I’ve never been someone who can go to the beach and sit on a towel. I’ve done it many times, but personally, I prefer a chair. Now, I’m not a chair snob or anything, but a good chair is a staple item for my beach days and makes the experience exceptionally better.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect beach chair. It needs to be comfy, sleek and functional. I prefer some sort of cup holder and a pocket for my belongings. A strap to carry is essential, as sometimes we have a trek ahead of us depending on the beach. A shade would be nice, as I always bring an umbrella, especially during the summer months. As you all know, Florida summers can be brutal.

Just when I was ready to give up on my search, I found SUNFLOW, and let me tell you, it checked off all of the boxes… and more! There are a few ways to buy your 
SUNFLOW Beach Chair. You can purchase the chair itself or The SUNFLOW Beach Bundle. I went with the bundle. It included ALL of the essential items that I would normally look for in a beach chair: drink holdersunshadedry bag, and a carrying strap. I also picked out the beautiful Turkish Blanket and Beach Towel! You can purchase the accessories separately if you don’t want the full bundle, which is great.
SUNFLOW Beach Bundles in Ocean Navy and Oyster Grey
The hardware of the chair is white and you can choose the color and print of the fabric. I chose the Sunshine Yellow Ikat and it’s absolutely stunning. I love that it sits low to the ground. It flows beautifully with your body and feels very natural, no harsh or stiff recliner settings. The chair also looks and feels luxurious, which is exactly what I wanted.  
SUNFLOW Beach Bundle Sunshine Yellow Ikat
The functionality of this chair is next level. It’s compact, so you can fit it relatively anywhere in your car with ease. The folding/unfolding process is super quick and smooth, which is perfect for me because the pack-up process at the beach with my family used to be my least favorite part. However, the SUNFLOW is extremely easy to fold up. To recline the back of the chair, there are two little tabs, one on each side that you pull at the same time and lean back. It’s that easy. This link will show you better than I can tell you!

Everything on the SUNFLOW Beach Chair is adjustable, including all of the attachments, down to the drink holder. Whether you’re drinking out of a slim can or a 32oz thermal tumbler, it’s a perfect fit every time.

The dry bag is waterproof and sand-proof with a zip pocket, perfect for your cellphone and car keys. For those of you who like to pull your chair down to the water and get your feet wet, I highly recommend adding this dry bag to your SUNFLOW Beach Bundle!

The sunshade is fully adjustable and also a lifesaver. I actually prefer it in lieu of my umbrella, as it gives me ample shade, but I can still get plenty of sun. I also like that I can pull it down while I eat my beach snacks so the seagulls can’t steal my food. I call it my seagull shield.

The gorgeous Turkish Blanket and Beach Towel are my dogs’ new best friends. I bring them to the beach frequently and the blanket keeps them cool from the hot sand. They also make my beach area aesthetically pleasing to the eye and complement the umbrella that I already own, beautifully.
SUNFLOW's Turkish beach blanket
I'm so happy I found this beach bundle and that my search is finally over. With the SUNFLOW Beach Bundle, I’m always prepared for the perfect beach day!

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