To make an upcoming sun-and-sand vacay perfect, you've gotta have alllll the essentials. There's the
perfect beach outfit, the beach accessories, the perfect swimsuit, and, of course, the best beach blanket to match. (Then you need to compose the best beach-related captions, of course.) There's *so much* to think about!! Whether you've got a friend who's counting down the days until summer, know someone with a sandy getaway planned, or you're putting together a beach-themed gift set (like a bachelorette party, for example), I gotchu with all the best gift ideas any beachgoer would love to receive. Living less than a mile from a beach has its perks, y'all—and ok, yes, New England beaches are absolutely not the same as Florida ones, but it still totally counts.

K, yes, beach chairs are already great, but how about this one that reclines to *four* positions (including totally horizontal)?? You can also get a sun shade that attaches to the top and gives you a little extra protection. One hilarious reviewer explained that "no longer is getting too drunk and falling out of my beach chair an issue."

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