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If there’s one person who deserves a treat and a heartfelt thank you, it’s probably Mom. Mother’s Day is a time to pay your respects to the woman who brought you into this world and did her best to equip you with all the tools needed to make it on your own. And, additionally, if you're a father, now is the time to pay your respects to the woman who brought your child(ren) into this world and has stood by your side as you navigate the wild world of parenting. So before you hit up the drugstore for cards and chocolates, think about choosing a slightly more unique gift this year, one that at least tries to match her caliber.

Whether she’s a baker or a biochemist, unique gifts are all about celebrating her special interests and making her feel like the royal matriarch that she is. While this Mother's Day may not be quite the same as those in the past as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still make sure she feels pampered and loved on May 9.

Here we’ve rounded up our favorite unique Mother's Day gifting options to get you started. You might want to order your gift sooner than you would have in the past, as there are more delays in the shipping process at the moment.

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