Delray Beach, Florida

Leslie in a white bathing suit sitting on a ocean navy colored Sunflow chair at Delray BeachWe did it. We moved to Delray Beach, Florida without looking back. After both our daughters were comfortable and happy in their newfound college “homes," we couldn’t think of any more excuses to stay in land-locked suburbia. Always having dreamt of living the next chapter of our lives by the beach and with SUNFLOW in mind, we made the move.

After hearing amazing things about Delray, we revisited in 2022. The visit was a game changer. We rented an Airbnb by Atlantic Ave. It was a small, updated motel, and as fate would have it, we were assigned an oceanfront room. I’ll never forget walking into the cozy room and seeing a giant television on a dresser centered in front of the ocean-facing window. Needless to say, we slid the TV over. Long story short, we had a carefree beach weekend and made the decision that Delray would be the spot for our new home.

Greg and Todd walking on a sandy path toward the beach carrying SUNFLOW high tide chairs on their backs.It has proved to be a refreshingly warm place to live, warm in both climate and energy. The people are interesting and open minded, friendly, and fun. There could be something to the fact that vitamin D and warm weather make for a naturally happy disposition. We have met many snowbirds and locals, all with open arms, ready to welcome us to town. 

The beaches are wide and long. The water is the perfect temperature for a shallow walk into the ocean. The gentle wind makes kite boarding popular… it almost seems like the city’s signature water sport. Sometimes, there are so many out there I am afraid strings are going to get tangled, but they never do. The water is clear and calm and spans as far as the eye can see in colors unique to this area, from deep blue to turquoise. The sand is clean and flat with plenty of space for everyone. You can always find a more private just beach spot by walking a little further north or south of the beach clubs since all two miles of Delray beaches are public. 

We have quickly found a great mix of cute beach shops and worthy restaurants too! Among our favorites are Tramonti for Italian, @tavernaopadelray for Greek, and @lionfishdelray or @elisabettas_ristorante for upscale American. @delraybeachmarket offers a lively diverse food court complete with DJ and @elcaminofla is the place for fun Mexican… but be ready to wait for a table. A little off the beaten path, we love @thegringodelray for empanadas and @thefrenchbakerydelray for French baked goodies...but get there early because everything sells out fast. @planetjuicedelray makes delicious healthy smoothies and wraps and @delraygoodies is my new favorite place for authentic Chinese treats including bubble tea and xiao long bao! If you want a serious bustling farmer’s market, try @theboysfarmersmarket. And last, but not least, try @trulytropicalmango, when in season, to pick up some heavenly fresh-off-the-tree mango varieties.

We are loving this new chapter of our life, filled with sunlight, beach and a new rhythm. We’ve only been here for three months, but quickly settling in. I think I’ll have to write a follow-up next year, as I’m certain there is so much more to discover and can’t wait to share!

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